It began seemingly simply enough, born on Halloween, a natural tinkerer with the desire to hand build a hot rod. While contemplating the possibilities presented by a Cadillac hearse he had obtained, it occurred to Rucker that he wanted something more. Into the mix came his childhood love of the Munsters TV show in the form of a gift- a miniature Munsters Koach. Suddenly an idea struck him. With nothing more than a scale model and some photos, Rucker set to task; a little over 10 months later the project came to fruition, and the tribute Koach was born. But as proud as he was of this accomplishment, he felt that if you start something, you really ought to finish it. So back to the garage with a new goal: Grand Pa's Drag-U-La. While most people would be content with 2 Munster Hot Rods in their garage, Rucker Posey is not "most people". Although only featured in one episode, Rucker felt that his collection would not be complete without Little Eddie's Go Kart. So there you have it, what began as a relatively simple idea soon blossomed into an impressive project that resulted in one man's tribute to the genius of George Barris, Hot Rods, and "America's First Family of Fright". What's next for this brilliant tinkerer and mechanic? Rucker has a couple more projects in the works, but it is all very hush-hush, for now.


Interested in experiencing Rucker's craftsmanship for yourself, or do you want to bring the ultimate gothic ride to your special event? Just send Rucker an e-mail:, with details (time, place, the nature of your event) and he will be happy to make arrangements to help put your event over the top!